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S : 240 m2 

Year : 2013

Photo : Quang Trần 


A green garden is like encapsulating the childhood of those who love nostalgia. A quiet space and full of Hue flavor, in the heart of Saigon.

The house feels both strange and familiar, but it is easy to impress guests, even those who come for the first time. Strange because the simple cubic  are wrapped in a frame of architecture, there doesn't seem to be a single superfluous detail and "Familiar" by the bright red tiled roof, the familiar jalousie door in the middle of a peaceful garden covered with trees and ponds. The interference between tradition and modernity creates a space full of sophistication and a bit "very Hue" like the lifestyle of the owner.

At this house every room is open to the garden and the green patches can be seen from every corner of the house. Moreover, the design of the vertical eaves competes with two high gables, helping the house to always be naturally cooled, even in the days when Saigon is scorching weather. The living place of a family of four also has no shortage of elegant and sophisticated designed furniture. All are like by ceramic with a deep color, giving way to colored leaves and flowers.

The garden becomes the heart of the house, designed as a garden corner of the miniature Hue villas. There are plumeria, lily, bamboo and bougainvillea that bloom all year. Add a quiet lake surface for the trees to reflect on. For more than three years in the same house, the tree got used to the soil and the tree got used to the tree, so everything was in harmony and reunited. Whether sitting in the study room, dining room or reception area, the owner can enjoy the cool and peaceful green areas.

As the world is closely connected by the digital era, the architectural trends and design styles of many countries in the region have many similarities. The difference lies in the local habits and culture of the users. With this house, the geographical location, climate and direction of the sun play an important role in the layout of the space and the selection of covering materials for the house. In addition, the architect also paid special attention to the ideas of culture and colors to give to the investor - a son of Hue living in Saigon. As if wanting to hold on to something very Hue.